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Search Engines

Optimisation (SEO)

One of the pride and joys of having a website is when it continually generates lead and traffic, in other words, it draws visitors in on an on-going regular basis.


There are many ways of making this happen and they fall under the practice of internet marketing, this is a practice that is fundamental towards establishing a successful web presence.

Your website should be readily available to your customers without having to look as far as going through several pages of the search engines result to find it.


Otherwise, before getting a glimpse of what you have on offer, they will have already landed on a competitor(s) site having their website better placed within the search engines ranking that your own.

This is where Kitrox Designs can help; to optimize your website for optimum visibility and easy accessibility within the search engines through calculated and constructive search engines optimisation techniques and procedures.

Why spend time and money on a website that will not be seen however stunning, aesthetically or functionally pleasing? It certainly will not yield leads on its own which is why SEO is thus is useful and of prime importance. It is worth making both long and short term investment on your website by implementing SEO because when successfully done, your website becomes a full marketing tool and not just an accessory but an asset that will in turn procure customers for your business henceforth.

Our approach to SEO implementation is 'White Hat' which is the industry's standard. It basically involves the use of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focuses on a human audience rather than search engines but completely follows the search engines rules and policies to gradually and effectively place you at a respectable position within search engines result ranking, this is a form of ethical SEO which means that the website is less likely to get banned, barred or penalised.


Through this practice, we can safely make your website is SEO optimsed, yet focusing on relevancy, organic ranking and for it to be considered optimised in 'White Hat SEO' terms by the search engines, that is our aim for.

Reasons why Internet Marketing and SEO is good for your business/website.

  • The internet is a global platform with almost two (2) and a half billion global users; How would you like to get noticed by millions?

  • You will be found based on the relevance of keywords so who ever found you through search engines is most probably looking for you and not by chance.

  • Through leads and enquiries, you shall generate more sales, income, revenues and enquiries through your website.

  • With more search engines results comes more opportunity and you take leads away from your competitor(s), the more you gain the more they miss out and not the reverse.

  • Good search engines placement enhances customer trust, brand's recognition and customer loyalty.

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