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Web Development

Through web development, we can aim to achieve bespoke websites with interactivity, application integration, maximum adjustment and customisation of template necessary.


Also, web development projects are database-centric, dynamic driven and requires professionals with technical insight, foresight and diligence to deliver the required standard for a robust system.

Web development is the programming of web pages and is more concerned with how the website functions as opposed to web design which focuses more on how it looks.

It involves the use of HTML, client side, server side and databases technologies which are otherwise referred to as programming languages with the use of HTML text editors and IDEs.

Perhaps, you have a website with a satisfying design and all you want is to added or removed functionalities or features, we can make such changes without addressing the design, or you may be happy with the existing features and functionality but you feel that the design is not doing the website much justice, again, we can alter the design without touching its underlying workings and if otherwise, it may have to do with adapting the underlying workings to the new design so they are proper integrated, therefore requiring some adjustments on both design and development level.

With your involvement, our web development process involves addressing your needs so that we can deliver aggregated tailor made solutions calculated to meet those requirements.


The website should perform the functions according to your requirement and the processes herein do not fundamentally address the look and feel of the website which relates more to web design as stated above and therefore Web Design and Web Development are not to be confused with one another, although similar and inter-related in nature.

Backed by handful of years of experience in the trade, through practise and academic discipline, we understand the various technologies involved in the development of websites as a result, we understand the differences in the different types of websites we can create for you i.e. static, dynamic, database centric and e-commerce websites.

Furthermore, we provide Content Management (CMS) Solutions if it is required as it can be suitable for many reasons such as enabling you to independently manage your website without a knowledge of programming and without further assistance from us post-development, thus reducing post-development and maintenance cost.

CMS enables you to do the following:

  • Content and presentation can become stale when left too long, however CMS offers the ability to change the presentation to reflect your desire when you feel its necessary to adjust things i.e. fonts style, font size, font colour, background colours and so on.

  • To create, modify and remove contents freely.

  • To edit or manipulate the content of your website without involving a professional can give you more freedom with content adjustment and save you money.

  • Our aim is to deliver products and services (deliverables) to acceptable standards and we like to make sure and not just assume that you can be entrusted to cope with your new product/system by enlightening you on the things you need to know about it, for instance, we understand how sophisticated even the basic CMS can appear to a first time user or the newcomer so we cannot just hand it over and as a result of that, we offer tutorials at an additional and affordable cost which is optional.

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